Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sorting scraps

I have been searching on Etsy to find older fabric lines by Lori Holt, and a lovely bundle of fabrics came in the mail yesterday, just a week after I ordered it!
 These are fabrics I bought from Donna's Lavender Nest. These are treasures I look forward to use in my next projects. Donna  have a blog too which is also called Donna's Lavender Nest, where she shares photos of her quilts and longarm quilting. Love her vintage style :o)

Today has been "one of those days" with not much sleep during the night, and the cold bug is still stuck, so not much is happening. 
But I got to do some fabric sorting and a little bit of cutting. 
I am using plastic trays to spread my pieces as I cut them, and today I did some reorganizing and cut some colors that were missing. Earlier I just left them all in one big pile, but that didn't work since I couldn't see all the variations of the fabrics. 

This is my 2" squares. I can easily see I must cut more green, orange and yellow fabrics ;o)
Having them piled up like this makes it easy to see the different fabrics and colors.

My 2,5" squares. Looks like candy to me :-)

I also have a tray with my 1,5" squares, but they will be laying in one big pile for now ;o)

 It hasn't been much snow this Winter, and the last week has been cold and windy. It looks more like Spring outside than Winter, except from the cold. I hope it will soon be less wind so I can go for a walk more often again. I'm already longing for Spring and look forward to see the sun again soon. It's not long before the sun rays will shine through the windows again... Soon :o)

Wish you all a great Wednesday and Happy Sewing!


Satu said...

You really have a yummy candy store there ;) We have finally some snow and it has been cold, over -20 degrees the whole of the last week. It's still about -10 degrees and really windy, hyrr-hyrr!

Laila said...

Så flotte farger :-) Reste tepper er det fineste jeg vet. Gleder meg til å se hvordan ditt blir :-)

Chookyblue...... said...

always enjoy seeing the nice fabrics you use.........hope the cold clears up..........

donna said...

I am so happy your fabrics got to you so quickly. Your fabric squares look so pretty together. Quilt candy for sure.

Rosa said...

So yummiest!

Kat said...

woo hoo lovely fabrics! it says spring. I would love to get some of Lori Holt's older collections. I need to get another newer one she has. They are so springy. I just love love love them. Have a wonderful day! Hugs


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