Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Low Volume Plus Quilt Sew Along

Anyone up for a little Low volume Plus Quilt Sew Along? 
I am going to have a Sew Along with Elin and Kathy, and we plan to start on Friday January 8th. We are just doing this for fun, so we will share our progress on our blogs, Instagram (Using #plusquiltsewalong2016and Facebook. We are not organizing any group or events, just sewing together while we are making our Low volume Plus quilt. And if you want to join us, let me know and I can make a blog list on my blog where we can follow each other's progress.

There is a lot of gorgeous Plus quilts around here in Blogland, and on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, just search on GoogleInstagram and have a look. 

On a quilt meeting in November (click on the link and scroll down a bit) last year I fell in love with a gorgeous low volume table runner and quilt, made by Unni,a lady in my local quilt guild. And since then I have looked for low volume fabrics and patterns. On Christmas Eve I got a bundle of yummy fabrics from Northern Quilts to start with and added some from my stash. 

I made a few test blocks in different sizes. 
The first ones are made from 2" strips and the block will be perfect for the table runner I am planning to make:

The next blocks are made from 2,5" strips and will be perfect size for a larger quilt:
I don't use only what is catergorized as LOW VOLUME fabric, but throw in a few more modern ones and some dots as well. I like how they look so far, and now I will patiently wait for the other ladies to start. Hope some of you will join us, just to have a little fun together, and share some inspiration :o)

You can see a lot of gorgeous low volume quilts over here at Red Pepper Quilts and Kviltstina has a tutorial on a Mini Plus quilt.

Yesterday I got some more background fabric for my Bloom Quilt, and today I prepped 4 more blocks and will enjoy some needleturn appliqè tonight. This is a quilt made by Lori Holt/Bee In My Bonnet and she will be hosting a Sew Along with this gorgeous quilt using her new fabric line Calico Days. If  you want to join Lori Holt's Sew Along and learn different techniques to make this quilt, hop over to her blog and read her blog post about it. 
 (The photos are a bit dark, since I didn't use proper lights when I captured them...)

I guess you know by now I have a crush on Lori Holt's fabrics and patterns, but there's just something about these happy colors! Makes me happy to work with them, and it was so great to finally get back to sewing after a long period with no stitching. 

Happy sewing!


Elin said...

Thank you for great blog post! And thank you for inspiration! I look forward to this sew together period!

Chookyblue...... said...

Have fun sewing along I would love to join you but I have visitors coming......

Chookyblue...... said...

Have fun sewing along I would love to join you but I have visitors coming......

~Marica~ said...

What a fun Idea �� I must thinking about it. It wold be fun to sew with you girls �� Perhaps a small table runner...

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Gorgeous blocks x


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