Sunday, December 30, 2012

A little progress the last days

Finally got to take a photo of the "Comfort quilt" #3 that I finished a little while ago. I love this panto pattern and the owner of the quilt chose it himself, and love it too :-)

I've had a nice time during the Christmas Holidays, and I've spent time with the family and just enjoyed having the days off during the Holidays. We've been watching movies, had too much to eat and lots of candy. 

We did celebrate Christmas eve over at our place this year, and it was so nice! 
13 people around the table, I'm so happy we all where together.
We had the traditional dinner with pork ribs, sausages, potatoes, sauce and lots of vegetables. 
For dessert I made rice pudding with red sauce. Yummy! 

I managed to take a few photos before I was finished putting the food on the table too :-)

These last days I've been spending some time in my sewing room. I did dig out an old WISP, the "Pie in the sky" quilt. It's a pattern by Kim Diehl, and I just fell in love with this quilt when I got to see it on the cover of the book it's in. I've been collecting reproduction fabrics for a long time now, and finally I have enough different ones to make a gorgeous quilt like this. 
A nasty cold came to "visit" me, but I just hate to sit still and do nothing, so even if the progress in the sewing room is slow, there is progress! Yay!
Love how these blocks are turning out, and when I added some of the sashing on some, they really look great!

Lots of fabric are left to be pieced together, but I've cut more than half of it for the quilt, so I look forward to be finishing some more blocks later tonight.

I will make a blog post tomorrow and make a collage with my finishes for 2012. I hope you do so too! It's always so fun to see what everybody else managed to finish, and nice to read one blog post showing them all . 

I'm excited for tomorrow, since we're having family dinner over at our place celebrating the New Year. I'll be making turkey, my favorite dinner of them all. And rice pudding for dessert. Yummy!

Happy sewing,


Deb said...

Your Dinner table is lovely and the quilting on that quilt is perfect.
I did pie in the sky by Kim and it is so easy fun picking out the fabrics no matter what you use the blocks work!! yours looks great

Angeles Caso said...

Dear Laila,
Now I understand what the word "snail mail" means... and here it is:

Anabélula Patchwork
C/ Pizarro, 27
33213 Gijón (Asturias)

My best wishes for you and yours in 2013. Have a Happy New Year.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love the quilt Laila...your table looks gorgeous...

Elizabeth said...

Laila, May I ask what is the name of the panto you used for Comfort Quilt #3? It is just beautiful!


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