Thursday, December 20, 2012

A little sewing and some quilting

I've really been neglecting my blog for a while... Again... Time goes by so fast, and I haven't found the time or energy to join Blogland much lately. I've been visiting some of you, and left comments when I stopped by. 
It's been a little sewing between the everyday's have-to's. I managed to finish two Advent table runners. I love Advent, so I keep making these purple and black table runners. I have to admit this pattern is one of my favorites.  

Both are made of the same fabrics, the only difference is the silver lace. On one it's clear silver and on one it's a silver lace that looks "old" and it's a bit wider.

I also finished binding the last "Comfort quilt", so now each one of my three hearties have a quilt of their own. I haven't taken a photo of it with my camera, since my DS started use it right away. I guess he liked it :o) 
I have three finished project this month, and that makes me happy :-)

Three gorgeous tops came home with me from the last quilt guild meeting. They where made from blocks made by several of the ladies in my local quilt guild. I've finished quilting two of them, and tried to quilt them with a pattern that looks good, but still not too much so they would end up a bit soft and fluffy. They will be donated to our local hospital and given to children with long term diseases. I'm so glad the ladies in my local quilt guild joined the charity project, and they all did a great job making these blocks. I really love how the quilts turned out with so many different blocks!

It's freemotion quilting, and not easy to get perfect, but I did manage better and better  as I went down the quilts :-)

This is a close up of two of the blocks:

I hope to finish the third quilt after the Christmas Holidays.

I guess most of you are finished or almost finished with Christmas preps. I have to admit I haven't baked or made many handmade presents this year. But it doesn't bother me a bit. Instead of getting sick and grumpy of stress and complaining, I just relax and try to remember what is most important for me. For me the most important thing is to be together with my loved ones during the Christmas Holidays, and be thankful for that. I'll just buy cakes and candy, and I'll be able to send all my friends a cyber hug or Holiday greetings on the internet, since I haven't written any cards this year either. 

I hope you all will have a great Christmas, and that you'll have a peaceful one.

Have a very Merry Christmas

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Cattinka said...

Your quilting looks really good! The quilts are great. Have a Merry Christmas!


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