Friday, April 2, 2010

Some new fabrics to play with

I have been adding some new fabrics to my stash. Just couldn't resist to play with some of them today :o)
I've been wanting to make a quilt in 1930's reproduction fabrics for a long time, and now I added enough different ones to start. I am going to add some yellow and orange ones too, but this is the blocks so far:

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I haven't decided how to arrange the blocks yet, but I will make some more blocks before I make up my mind. These fabrics makes me think of SPRING :O)

Guess I'll be making some more progress on the quilt tomorrow, so well see how far I will get during the Easter Holidays :o)




Sølvis blog said...

Dette blir lekkert. husker du forresten hvor du har fått tak i den grønne og den blå på nederst til venstre

Elin said...

Dette blir nok kjempefint! Artige stoff. Ventar i spenning på framhaldet!


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