Tuesday, January 5, 2010


When I think back on the year 2009 when it comes to blogging and quilting, I've had so much fun. I've finished UFO's, I've started new projects, and finished those! I did get a bit more urge to finish stuff during 2009, too. But most of all, I've had so much fun!!!
Why? Because of two great women, who used so much of their time on making us a challenge, through the whole year of 2009. I just can imagine the time they've spent every month, checking up on our blogs, to count every finish we''ve had during each month...
I tagged them both (and hope they don't mind) just so you can see who I am talking about ;o)

May Britt and Kris; I really want to thank you both for making One Project A Month 2009, a fun challenge, with lots of ispiration. Both from you and the others who did participate. I am looking forward to OPAM 2010. And I guess it will be a lot of participants this year too.
To May Britt and Kris: have a great and creative year!
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Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Laila! Thank you for your 'Thank You'! :0) I'm so pleased you enjoyed being part of OPAM 09 and I'll look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you create this year - only two sleeps to go! Tee! Hee! Hee! It's just like counting down to Christmas!! Oh ... just a little aside note ... "Kris" is the shortened version of my full name ... "Kristin"! :0) Just saw your full name in your profile! Have a fabulous week! Bear Hugs! KRIS

May Britt said...

THANK YOU. I am now blushing. It has been so fun doing this, a lot of work I have to admit, but very fun to visit all blogs during the end of the month. You all bloggers gives us such inspiration to keep it going. A big hug from me.

Grethe said...

Hyggelig å lese bloggen din. Det er så hyggelig med folk som deler og inspirer.
Godt nytt år og godt nytt bloggår - lykke til med prosjekter :0)
Fra Grethe

Anne Lise said...

Skjønner godt at det har vært kjekt med OPAM. Imponerende av de som setter slikt igang. Jeg er såpass fersk at jeg har ikke fått vært med, men har tenkt å henge meg på hvis det kommer i år også. Må også få si at du har kjempemye fint på bloggen din. Men jammen må du være forsiktig med nakken. God bedring. Lykke til videre med skjæring til denne quilten. Nydelige farger, gleder meg til å se resultatet.


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