Thursday, January 28, 2010

OPAM report :o)

I'm pretty satisfied with my second finish this month, and the quilt are already in use :o)
I finished it earlier this week, but haven't had time to post it. I'm glad I did enlarge the top when I pieced it. It's two rows wider and longer than I first decided, but I thought it had to be larger, and I'm happy with that deciscion! Guess I'll have to take my power naps more often now, right? :o)

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My oldest did cut the picture a little too much, so the binding don't show, but in the previous post you can see I used one of the darkest purple. And that fabric is one of my favorites for sure! I just love the colors. I used a grey thread for the quilting, and it's showd up purple when it's near the purple fabrics! Pretty cool!
I have no idea what to do next, but I guess I'll work some more with my other two quilts. We'll see ;o) I'm behind on e-mails and stuff again, so I guess I'll do something with that this weekend before anything else.

It's Hubby's birthday today, and we've had our relatives over for cakes and coffee, and we've had a great evening. The youngest two have a day off school tomorrow (vacation), and I'm having a day off work, so we'll sleep a bit longer and we look forward to have a weekend one day longer than we use to :o) Late breakfast is nice once now and then :o)
Wish you all a great weekend,


Melissa ;-) said...

Wow! What a finish! There's a lot of work in that beauty! Very nice!

Cattinka said...

Congratulations, that is really a great quilt. You matched the seems perfectly, and your colour choice is stunning.

LeKaQuilt said...

Sukk.....så vakkre stoffer! Nydelig quilt, og morsomt å se fra stoff til ferdig quilt :o))

Anonymous said...

It's a great beautiful quilt

Anne Ida said...

Gratulerer så mye med ferdig teppe!!! Du plukket ut så nydelige stoffer til det, og du har valgt et mønster som lar dem komme til sin rett. Gled deg over vakert resultat av mange timer jobb :o)

Ha en riktig fin helg!
Klem fra meg

Tina =) said...

Hei Laila!

Så fine quilter du lager! :) Jeg er også litt stoffavhengig, men har dessverre litt dørstokkmil fram til symaskina for tiden... Prøver å få ferdig et sengeteppe her, men jeg har sannelig klart å endre noen innstillinger på maskina mi midtveis, så da jeg skulle montere sammen så var det forskjellig størrelse på blokkene.... :( Måtte sannelig sprette opp nærmere 60 blokker. Skikkelig joy-kill! Men når jeg ser dine fine arbeider får jeg litt lyst til å finne fram maskina igjen!

Hilsen Tina Bugge Pedersen :)


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