Monday, June 1, 2009

Progress on Leanne's House BOM and finishes for OPAM

The last two days have been full of sunshine, and almost too hot for me to sit outside in the sun. There has not been so much sewing time this last week, but I finally started on an other block on the Leanne's House BOM tonight. Now block #2 is finally ready for some stitchery :o)

I didn't get time to go down town to Quiltegården to buy more of the "Borders made easy", so I didn't get to finish the quilt for the OPAM this month as I planned, but hopefully I'll make it next month...
I have no finishes other than the two knitted projects, but sometimes life just happens, and things don't turn out the way it was planned.
I'm also taking a little break from the Patchwork Party 2009-blocks. Only six left now, and I will continue working on them soon again.

I finished block #1 of Leanne's House BOM the other day, so I'm after all having some progress.
I'm enjoying the evening, sipping to a glass of red wine, and some stitching before I'll go check up on the bed bugs :o)


Mari said...

god fremgang På LH!

martameiga said...

Leanne's block look very sweet... :)
I am longing for some time to sew but i am too busy :(((


Mona said...

Nydelig blokk du har laget. Synes det er lekkert med alle disse stitcheryene. Bra jobba.

Merete said...

Kos deg med stitcheriene ute i sola nå, det kommer tidsnok innesyvær igjen:-)

Elin said...

Dette ser fantastisk ut, kos deg!

marina said...

Well done on your Leannes House blocks. It is an enjoyable quilt to make.

Darcie said...'ve been so busy! (I'm just doing some catching up with my blogging friends...been away much too long.)

I love your stitchery! When is the class?!

Hugs to you, sweet friend! Miss you. ;-)


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