Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back in Blogland :o)

Finally I'm back in Blogland :o) I have not been busy, just set back a bit because of some days with migraine again :o(
But I'm used to that coming, so I'll just have to use a little patience when it's "those days" now and then.

When I'm set back like this for days, I usually think about things I want to make, or make plans and dreams... So when I'm back in my sewing room again, I'm almost overwhelmed with creative stuff in my mind.

I'm looking forward to the weekend now, and hope I'll get some time to do some sewing again, and a friend of mine asked me if I could make a bag for her, so I'll might start with it when the weekend comes.

A while ago I saw this quilt at Moda Bake Shop:
This is one of the most beautiful quilts I've ever seen.
You know, I love the scrap quilts...

So... I had to give it a try:o)
Today I had a day off work as i usually do on Wednesdays,
and since I did a great amount of cutting yesterday, I was able to piece some of it together today :o)
And I love it!

I'm not sure how big I want to make it yet, but we'll see;o)
I made some changes though... I cut the strips 2" instead of 1,5". But I've cut a lot of 1,5" strips at the same time as the ones I used, so I'll might be doing one more :o)
Or I'll use the strips in an other scrap quilt:o)

This quilt is even more beautiful than the one earlier in this post:

This is such a beautiful quilt, and I love the look of it, old and antique. I'm just in love with it!
Don't you agree?
Guute at Mijn Quilthoekje is making the pattern for this quilt in EQ, and the greates thing of all: she made an "Antique Quilt Club" for us who wants to join in and make the quilt too, so she is sharing her work on the pattern with us:o) Isn't that great?
And no surprise, I'm in :o) Just let her know, and you are too :o)
It will be a long term project, but I'll be cutting fabrics as i go, to use in this quilt. I'm really looking forward to getting the pattern and start reading the direktions, so I can do some planning.

A big thanks to you Guute, I know you've been working on the pattern for a while :o)

I'm heading back to my sewing room for some piecing before it's getting any later, so Happy sewing to you :o)



Mona said...

Skal si du har vært produktiv. Det blir kjempefint. Akkurat ferdig med nettet til en kollega. Så er det noe som må må bli ferdig til Hvarnesfestivalen på lørdag. Godt det er ferie etter i morgen. Migrene kan ikke være noe særlig har jeg hørt andre sier som sliter med det. Ha en fortsatt fin uke og kos deg ved symaskinen.


Anne said...

Begge prosjektene ser utrolig lekre og spennende ut! Dette blir bra :)

Stina Blomgren said...

Härliga arbeten du har startat upp... :o))
Ska bli kul att se de färdiga sen..:o))
Ha en härlig midsommar!! :o))

LeKaQuilt said...

Det er to flotte quilts du har der. Falt for begge to, jeg :o) Skullle jeg være i nærheten av Trondhjem med Corvetten så skal jeg la deg vite det :o) Kosligt at du likte den. Håper du slipper unna migrene en stund fremmover, det er nok sikkert slitsomt når det står på. Ønsker deg en kreativ helg :o)

Anonymous said...

You have been very busy and they are as always very pretty. I also joined the "club" ,I will see you there also. ;0)

Merete said...

Flotte prosjekter du holder på med, Irish Chain er en flott blokk med mange muligheter.

LeKaQuilt said...

Det ligger en award til deg på bloggen min :o) Jeg var vist for sent ute til å bli med på EQ teppet, men kunne nok tenkt meg å prøve ett par av blokkene i det øverste teppet ditt her :o)

Darcie said...

I love that variation of the Irish Chain! It's lovely...and yours is turning out so pretty already, Laila! Can't wait to see more progress.

Enjoy your weekend, my sweet friend! ;-)

Lise in Norway said...

Har sendt deg en award over på bloggen min....God Helg

Laila L S said...

Håper du er ferdig med migren-plaggen for en stund, og at du fårgjort det du ha lyst til. Ser mange store tepper hos deg og andre, men foreløpig holder jeg meg til løpere, vesker og andre mindre prosjekter.

Har noe til deg på bloggen min

Sundae Quilter said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I found your blog through Quiltvillchat and just added you to my bloglines.

I really like the scrappy look of the chain quilt..... not sure how I missed this one on the Moda Bake shop. So I've printed it off and will add it to my list of things to do LOL.


Mona said...

Hei. Har en hilsen til deg på bloggen min.

LeKaQuilt said...

Hei, Jeg har enda en award til deg på bloggen min :o)


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