Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More scraps:o)

Yesterday I started cutting some more fabrics. This time it's blue and black fabrics. While I'm waiting to get time to take a trip downtown to Quiltegården , I'm cutting a bunch of fabrics for a similar quilt as the blue and brown one. Got to make a quilt for my other twin too :O)
He wanted a blue and black double 4 patch, so I now what to
sew next:o) This is what's on my cutting table right now:I just have to cut some more of the blue ones to have enough to make this quilt.
I have to buy some fabrics for the back of these two quilts, and I'm hoping to get to do that very soon. I am so anxious to get the blue and brown double 4 patch quilted and finished:o)
And then the blue and black:o) Maybe I'll get time to do some of it this weekend? I hope so:o)


Darcie said...

That will be a great color scheme for a young man! You are just quilting up a storm, Laila! ;-)

May your sewing bring sunshine to every moment of your day! ;-)


LeKaQuilt said...

Hallooo! Brun/blå teppe i 4 patch - kjempe lekkert. Forstår godt at det ble tinget bort før du var ferdig :o) Lykke til med teppe nr. 2! Blir sikkert fint det også.


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