Sunday, April 12, 2009


I finished piecing the blue and brown blocks yesterday, for my double 4 patch quilt. I didn't make a border on it, yet... Do I need one? It's already large enough for a lap quilt, but if I attach a border, it will fit perfect as a bed throw.
One of my twins has already decided to have this quilt on his bed. When he saw the quilt yesterday, he said : " Oh! Mom, I wanna have this one, it's so great! Can I have it, please? The blue and brown looks so great, and it looks so warm!" Well, can I say no? Of course not! I just have to make one more, for his twin brother too :o) So I guess the problem if to attach a border or not solved itself :O)
So back to the sewing room for some finishing touches :O)
And then... quilting it :o)


Blåbærtua said...

Helt nydelig. Klart han vil ha dette som sengeteppe. Jeg er spent på hvordan du skal quilte det. Kos deg!


Gosh så flott:-) Nydelige farger og så er du så produktiv:-) Har vært på hytta over 1uke så bra jeg skal hjem til symaskina snart:-) Kjenner det på kroppen;-)
Ha ei fin uke

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Even loving this more as you complete the center. How nice to know your son is already anticipating having it on his bed. That is sure to inspire.

Darcie said... nice! You son has superb taste! ;-)

Mary Ann said...

There's nothing better than compliments from a teenager!!! How wonderful he wants this beautiful quilt for his bed!!!!
Yay, Mom!!!


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