Sunday, August 31, 2008

Progress on the mystery

I have only been working on my Old Tobacco Road mystery quilt today, and I am happy about the result so far. 116 4patches and 4 pinwheels. I also used the end when I did subcut for the 4patches, and cut these 1,5" wide, did sew them together and cut them to 2,5" blocks. Do not have a plan with them yet, but if I get a hole bunch, maybe I'll use them for a border or something, or a scrap Irish chain quilt. I've wanted to the Irish chain for a while, so maybe??
I think this mystery is so exciting to do, and I know I'll learn a lot about scrap quilts. I really like those, and I know I'll be doing a lot more later too. I know this mystery quilt is going to be a huge one, so maybe I'll get one of my own to throw on my bed? I hope so:-) I really like the way Bonnie makes the scrap quilts, and I honestly made all of my 4patches without a pin!! I used only my stiletto, and it worked great, just as long as I didn't speed the pieces through the machine. The pinwheels I did not take any chance with, so I did pin those:-) *lol*

Happy sewing to you all,



Inger said...

Så flink du har vært. Jeg har så langt klart å stå i mot, da jeg fortsatt har OC liggende umontert. Men jeg får se etterhvert om ikke dette blir sydd allikevel, men i et mindre format.

annemariesquilt said...

Dette ser jo kjempespennede ut, lykke til!!


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