Thursday, August 28, 2008

Almost there....

The Advent table runner is almost finished. I finished piecing it today, and I am almost done with the quilting. Only the outer border that needs quilting now. I have to add the appliquéd hearts and the binding, and it's done:-) I don't have much fancy seems on my Bernina, so I just put some stars randomly as I quilted.
Then it's two more that waits to get finished. I am done piecing them, so I guess I'll be finished with them in the next few days.

The days go so fast, and it's soon weekend again. I hope to get time to sew some more in the weekend, and I am curious about the mystery quilt Bonnie is up to. She'll give the first instructions on Friday(tomorrow), and I think I'll take a part of the mystery this time. I have only been following all the other ladies doing the previous mysteries. We'll see...

Happy sewing:-)


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Sølvis blog said...

Bonnies mysterium er oppe.
Jeg tenker selv på å sy en liten del av denne, gidder ikke 184 biter av hver sort, og så blir det så store tepper.
Vi har forresten en liten gruppe med mysteriesyere på nett, så starter du på denne si fra om du vil med i gruppen.


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