Friday, August 29, 2008

Old Tobacco Road Mystery quilt

I'm taking part of a mystery quilt:-) I started early this morning when i got the first part of Bonnie's Old Tobacco Road Mystery Quilt. I am so excited! This is fun!
Started cutting a hole bunch

of neutrals this morning, and in the evening I started cutting some of the other fabrics I think I will use to make the 4 patches. I'm not sure if I am gonna use them all, but the left overs will be used for other projects if they don't. Anyway, I will try to get this done without thinking too much about colors, because I really like the scrappy look in quilts like this:-) Maybe it's so much fun to do, that I will make an other one in different colors later? Who knows. I'm excited to see the next part of the mystery, and I think it will be released pretty soon:-)

Happy sewing,



Marion said...


I am also sewing on it since I have found part 1 in the net in the morning.

After sewing a lot of strips, I had to go to buy a meter of white fabric, because it wasn't enough, so I will sew tomorrow more. I have got finished 65 4-patches today.


Marion from Germany

Darcie said...

Enjoy the process, Laila! I'll watch with delight! ;-)


Gudveig HN said...

Det blir spennende å følge med og se hvordan denne gåten blir. Jeg var med på den forrige, OC, men er ikke ferdig med den enda.


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