Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finally! Now we are done moving into our new home. We have waited so long for this, and we did spend the Easter Holidays moving. We where supposed to do so over a year ago, but now,the waiting process is over:-) I am so happy!!!
I haven't been able to do much sewing. Just some curtains for my kitchen windows. I have saved these fabrics for almost four years, to use for that project:-) lol, that is a long time... But this is how it turned out:We finally got to see how our kitchen looked like at the end. It has been stored away for a really long time. I am so satisfied with the result. I never dreamed of having such a nice kitchen, and I know I'll treasure it:-)

We are not done unpacking all of our stuff yet, but I hope we will be done within the end of May. Then I will spend a lot of time with my sewing and quilting, and look forward to that:-)


Sølvis blog said...

Kjøkkenet ditt ble kjempeflott!

quiltygal said...

Ohhh Laila I am so jealous of your lovely kitchen I have had half of one for about 8yrs & the rest isn't all that hot!!! I'd take a pic but the camera might break:))) seriously though I hope you have much fun there cooking up a storm
Claire in Aus

Timotei said...

Å, så herlig det må være å kunne flytte inn i nytt hus! Da er det jammen verdt den lange ventetida når det blir så fint som dette! Nydelig kjøkken!


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