Sunday, April 20, 2008

This weekend I couldn't keep my hands off the sewing machine any longer. I just had to sew something! I reduced some of my stash making a little wall hanging in some lovely blue and brown fabrics. My oldest son wanted to have it, but he wants me to make a big cozy pillow of it instead, so that is why it is no binding on it. I'll have to finish it later, because I have so much to do these days.

We are going to have a celebration for him in two weeks (Konfirmasjon). Today I made almost all of the cards for the dinner table with the name of everybody who is coming. He told me how he wanted them, and I made them for him.



Å for noen flotte bord kort:-)
Teppet blir en flott gave. Lykke til med dagen:-)
Ha en kreativ uke

Unknown said...

hei disse kortene var lekre... herlig...


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