Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cozy Easter Holidays

I have finally found my way back to the sewing room again, and I've had a couple of cozy days sewing blocks for the scrap quilt I'm working on. 
I'm not alone, the furballs are keeping me company :o) I have wrapped two of my unfinished quilts on the longarm frame, and they find their spots as soon as I open the door for them. 
As long as they don't get in my way, I love having them around :o)

 I've made some progress on the scrap quilt since my last post. I have 20 finished blocks, and some more are in the making. I'm taking a break on this one now, since I'm going to start quilting the "Leavez" quilt in the next days or so.

I need to prepare the backing for the quilt, and I'm ready to start quilting. Too tired to start tonight, so I will get on with it tomorrow. Haven't figured out how to quilt it yet, but I will find out as I move along :o)

I'm still knitting, and I have made some progress on one of the jackets for DS2, and I am almost finished the Islender sweater for one of my DIL's. I know she is patiently waiting and looking forward to use it.

 A while ago I finished another Marius sweater. I haven't got to iron it yet, so it looks a little bulky.

Hope you are enjoying your Easter Holidays too, and having some quality time with family and friends. 

Happy Easter!

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