Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Something new...again :o)

Had my day off work today, and wanted to start on a project I've had on my mind for a long time. Back in April I attended a weekend class with Gail Pan and Helen Stubbings. Helen did teach some of us her technique to make faux appliquè. She calls it Colorquè. In her book "Faux Appliquè" is the most gorgeous quilt. It's made of nine blocks and a border using this technique. I got to trace four blocks, and I got to add colors to one of the blocks. I think it looks good so far :o)
I've started to stitch the outlines with the thread I bought from Helen when I ordered the color pencils and textile medium from her website Hugs'n Kisses. This will be a project I will be working on during the winter. I'm really looking forward to quilt this one! 

I got some nice mail today too! I ordered the Quick Curve Ruler and a pattern from Lappemor. The ruler and the pattern is made by Jenny, owner of Sew Kind of Wonderful. Jenny has two blogs I've been following for a while, and she is such a great longarm quilter too! I just love the different quilts she's made using this ruler, and I really wanted to make one of these quilts so I could play with "Miss Monster" on it. I love traditional quilts, but I also love the modern quilts, with different quilting patterns. 

I watched Jenny's videos on Youtube, and decided to try the ruler tonight. 
First attempt failed.... I was not paying attention to the size of the pieces. Second attempt was perfect, until I cut the block an inch too small... *sigh*
Lesson learned...

Third attempt did not fail, and I got half a block looking almost perfect  :o) Yep, I'm doing the happy dance :o) I've NEVER pieced a curved seam before, so I'm proud of myself (even if I used such a long time sewing those two seams...).
I'm using white cotton for background, and will use a lot of different scraps/fatquarters I've got stashed. Hope to at least make the other half of the block tomorrow. 

I'm almost finished quilting the panel quilt. I spend too much time wondering and thinking about how to quilt the different spaces. But think I've got some ideas to finish up with. Will post a photo of it in my next blog post. 

Happy sewing,


Jenny said...

Looks fantastic!! So sorry you had to try 3 times....you should see my oopsy drawer!!

LeKaQuilt said...

Du har fått buene kjempe fint til. Kjedelig at du "ødela" ett par blokker men nå kan du dette. Gleder meg til å se flere blokker. Syns du har vært kjempeflink til å tenste linjalen :o) Den første blokken din her er kjempe søt - nydelige fargere, og jeg gleder meg til å følge dette prosjektet gjennom vinteren :o) Klem Lena

Kathy Schwartz said...

I love sewing curves and glad you didn't give up on the ruler, I love mine. I was even teaching how to use it at our guild meeting today!!


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