Sunday, October 21, 2012

No productive weekend

The other day Helen Stubbings told me she would make iron on transfers for the quilt I started. It's called "Blessed Baltimore" and the pattern is from her book "Faux Appliquè". I had traced only four of the blocks, and did the happy dance when she told me I could order the iron transfers! It means a lot less tracing, and get right to the coloring part :o) I think that's sooo great! Got my set of transfers ordered :o)

This is the block I got to add colors on today.

There has been no sewing for days, since the darn migraine have been stuck with me. I was happy that I could do some coloring this evening, so I got at least a little done :o)

I'm kind'a frozen with the panel quilt on my longarm machine... Got most of the "blocks" quilted, but suddenly I just didn't know how to move on and finish the rest of the spaces. 
This is some of the quilting I did early this week:

I think I get frozen because I'm a perfectionist, and find it very hard to accept what I can do with the little practice I get to do. I think it would be better if I just do what I can, and then get better as I move along. But when you stand with your nose just a few inches from the quilted stitches, you can see every little mistake... I think I need to just jump in and stop being so hard on my self and maybe get lot more done... 

I've decided to join the"Curve it up QAL" hosted by  Jenny at Sew Kind of Wonderful and Helen at HGMR Deco Quilting . It looks like so much fun! There will be blocks made with the Quick Curve Ruler :o) 

Hope to get a little sewing done in the next days. And maybe get to finish the panel quilt so I can move on the the next quilt waiting to get quilted (at least one of them).

Wish you all a new and creative week,


Kathy Schwartz said...

Your blocks look great and I know what you mean about being perfectionist when it comes to quilting. I have learned to not judge my work until it is off the long arm, that way I can stand back and look at the whole quilt, not at every stitch.

Unknown said...

Wow, det var flott quilting.

Unknown said...

Du er kjempeflink.

Amira@littlemushroomcap said...

your quilting is beautiful.. I stopped being perfectionist long ago as I find it slows my productivity.. I think with free motion, you have to be, otherwise you'll spend too long on a quilt.. LOL.. I am your new follower!

Pia said...

Nyyydelig quilting!!!


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