Monday, January 2, 2012

One more block

It was so hard to get up this morning and go work. Been sleeping in every morning during the Holidays, and we did stay up (too) long every night. But after a little power nap I felt like doing some more cutting and piecing. Finished one more block for the quilt I'm working on. Been digging into my scrap bin to use as much scraps I can. You see, the fabrics I have in my bin is the ones I like the most. Got to use as many as I can :o)

I guess I could have finished more if I worked harder, but no rush in my sewing room these days. I'm just not able to do some speed piecing yet, but I'll get there when the batteries are well charged again :o) 

I decided to join "Another year of Schnibbles" this year. I'm looking forward to that :o)
Want to join? Just click on the button on my sidebar, and you'll be sent to Sherri's blog to read about how this works. This is how the button looks:

I'm looking forward to go to my local quilt guild meeting this Wednesday, we'll learn a thing or two about paper piecing. I'll tell more after the meeting, and hope to remember to take my camera with me for some photos :-)

Hope you all will have a great  week, and happy sewing   


Satu said...

IIIK, your Pie in the Sky will be stunning! I have had Kim's book for a while and that pattern is one, which I want to do... actually all patterns are very temptive...

Anne-Mettes Oaser said...

Den blok kan jeg godt lide. Fin kombination af 2 velkendte blokke og skønne stoffer du har valgt.
Ha' en fin uge.


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