Sunday, January 15, 2012

No UFO's done yet...

...but I have been sewing these days... on a new secret quilt... for ME :o) 
I've enjoyed A LOT of needleturn applique (my favorite method), so now it's machine piecing all the way 'till it's finished! I can't wait to show you!!
Cannot show you yet (it wouldn't be a secret then, would it?)... but between the cutting the rest of the pieces for the secret quilt, I've got two house blocks done and a few more pieces for a few others. 
These blocks will be joined into rows for the "Full House" quilt, which is the first quilt in the "Another year of Schnibbles" sew-along. I'm using my japanese fabrics, and I hope this will be a nice quilt. I will make it a wallhanging and decorate my living room with it.

Are you joining the "Another year of Schnibbles" sew-along?

I hope to show some more progress soon :o)

Wish everyone a great new and creative week!



Heges quilte- og strikkeblogg said...

Som jeg gleder meg til å se ditt nye hemmelige prosjekt. Jeg er også glad i "needle-turn" applikering. Jeg venter i spenning... Quilthilsen fra Hege

Mobaat said...

Så Spennende:) Nydelige farger på hus- teppet ditt, tror nok det kommer til å bli flott.
Klem Mona

Bodil said...

Spennende. Lurer på hvordan d blir til slutt.

Sinta Renee said...

Love your little neighborhood! I love the other UFO/projects that you shared the other day also.

~Marica~ said...

Spännande med hemliga projekt :) Ska bli kul och se det när det är klart..

Japp jag är med i "another year of Schnibbles" och tänkte mig starta upp här under veckan med några hus av mina japanska tyger som bara ligger och väntar..

Lycka till!

Stina Blomgren said...

Not joining in this year.. will float around and do what I can .. no pressure this year..:o/
But I wish you all the luck and keep up on those UFO´s..;O))
Happy 2012 to you!

2ne said...

Fine husblokker, skal bli spennende og følge dette :-)


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