Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking back

~And the last OPAM 2011 report~

It's almost weird to think about that this year is almost history. Only one day left of 2011!!!
I just can't believe how fast time flies!
I'ts been a year with ups and downs, fun and joy. I haven't been sewing as much this year like I've used to. But I guess when your health is the boss of what's going on in your life, I will have to say I'm thankful for every hour I've been able to be creative. It's my therapy, and most of all.... passion in life :o)

I thought I should make a collage with a photo of every finished projects this year. I've made 17 finishes, and I'm satisfied with that :o) Some of them small, and some pretty large ones. 

Looking at the photos, I realize a few of them are actually still in my house! I'm used to give away almost everything I make, but I've been making projects for myself and my own family this year :o)

I have to say I'm looking forward to a "fresh start" in 2012, and I look forward to start new projects and finish some of the ones I've already started. I've got some UFO's laying around still ;o) 

I'm looking forward to have a lovely dinner with my family tomorrow, at New Years Eve. I'm making turkey for us all, and that's my favorite :o) Yummy!!!

I wish you all a

Happy sewing,


Cattinka said...

Have a nice New Years Eve Celebration, and stay creative in the new year. I wish you all the best for 2012 and before all good health.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Happy New Year Laila....all your projects are just fantastic....thank you for being apart of OPAM 2011 we hope you will join us again next year....xx

May Britt said...

Happy new year. All your projects are beautiful, and I guess with the quilting machine there will be many more next year.

Anne Lise said...

Jeg synes nå du har fått ferdig veldig mange prosjekt. Og flere av teppene dine er jo stooore prosjekt. Og tenk på quiltemaskina du har fått anskaffet deg i år. Den vil nok holdes varm i 2012 også. Vil ønske deg også ett riktig godt nyttår.

LeKaQuilt said...

Du har i hverfall fått sydd mange flotte prosjekter i 2011, og jeg håper at 2012 blir like bra! Godt Nytt År !

Bodil said...

Nydelige prosjekter! Gleder meg til å se d du går i gang med i 2022. Ha en flott nyttårsfeiring!

Blåbærtua said...

Godt Nytt år!, og takk for alle insprerende innlegg her i bloggen din. Du har blitt skikkelig flink med den quiltemaskinen din!!

Solfrid said...

Så mange flotte ting du har sydd!!


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