Sunday, October 9, 2011

A perfect Sunday

Mr. Winter came knocking on the door yesterday. It's really getting colder, and the temperatures did crawl just below 0 late last night. Today it's changing from rain to snow, and a chilly wind too. I'm so glad I can spend the day indoors. "Miss Monster" and I are dancing with thread today, and I'm having so much fun! A perfect Sunday :o)
I got to finish the quilting on a charity quilt last night, and today I finished charity quilt #2. I'm trying to quilt using a pantograph pattern called scallop grass. Not easy, but as I go I can see I'm making progress. That makes me really happy!

I've got more charity quilts to finish, and I think I'll use the same pattern since I'm slowly getting the hang of it. 

I'm having Merete's advice on my mind all the time, PPP (Practice, Practice, Practice). Hope it will result in some pretty quilting in a while :o)
Wish you all a great Sunday!

Happy sewing 


FloS said...

I'm speechless !! You're doing a great job !!

Mary Johnson said...

I always try to use a pantograph at least a couple times while I have it on the table. In addition to helping to learn a new one, I find it's quicker not to change them back and forth. This is looking great!

Anne-Mettes Oaser said...

Hvor er du bare flittig med at øve. Det ser flot ud :-).
Ha' en fin uge.


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