Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My new project

In October, my local quilt guild is having a weekend with several different classes. I was asked to teach one of them, and if I could make a project about needleturn appliquè. I've been thinking about this project for a long time, and after throwing away my first try, I ended up with this:

It's the needleturn appliquè block I'm going to use in a little bag. A pompadour, like we call it over here. I will have to finish the leaves and the middle of the flowers before I finish the rest of the bag, and quilt it. It's small and pretty simple. Just big enough to get finished in a weekend. 
What do you think? 

Just a couple of ladies have signed up for my class util today, but I hope there will be some more now when they can see the project we're making. I will work on it and get it finished this weekend, so the ladies in my local quilt guild will be able to see the finished project. 

Wish me luck ;o)

Happy sewing,


Sølvis blog said...

Det bli kjempefint. Lykke til med kursinga said...

Det blir kjempefint!

Ann-Mari said...

Gleder meg til å se prosjektet ferdig. Blir supert å holde kurs¨på dette. Lykke til:-)

Nicola said...

Oh good luck with your class Laila. Your project looks very pretty. I'd sign up if I was there ;)

Anonymous said...

If I wasn´t that far I would sign up too, it´s so lovely.

Anne Lise said...

Denne var skjønn. Vanskelig å se størrelsen ennå, men blir nok fint på en pompadur. Heldig de som kan være med på kurs. Litt vanskelig for meg...
Lykke til med finishen.

LeKaQuilt said...

Det blir en nydelig aplikasjon og pompadur'er er noen en alltid får brukt for !
Stoffene du har valgt er nydelige :o)

FloS said...

Very nice !!! I'd love to come and make your project !!!


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