Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I've missed Blogland!

I haven't been making blog posts as often as I wanted to, and I haven't been able to  follow all the lovely blogs I love reading, so often these days. But I guess I'm not the only one, busy with other things... There has been a little bit sewing though. I've finished the block #1 of the "My garden" BOM by Lynette Anderson. I will finish the appliquè on all the blocks when I've finished them all, and decided which fabrics to use. I love the colors of the threads, and I have so many gorgeous japanese fabrics I want to use :o)

One of the reasons I haven't been around much here in Blogland is that I've been doing some rearrangements in my home. I've been doing a bit of painting, and I'm far away from finished! 
I'm painting my dining chairs and table white. They used to be black! I love the way they turned out! Not finished, needs a lot more paint before I'm satisfied.

I've also painted the walls in my living room, too. But cannot make up my mind... I hope to get "the right color" and finish it soon. 

We've also made some changes outside on the back of our home. Hubby is working mostly with help from my dad, my mom and our boys. I think it will look great when we're finished :o)

I'm looking forward to plant some trees and plants when he is done :o)

It's not hard to see the Autumn is near. I like Autumn, with the gorgeous colors it brings. I'm trying to keep my Summer flowers alive, but I guess they've seen better days than this. It's been pouring down the last couple of days, and it's getting colder. Hope the rain will stop, and to be able to get out for a walk with my camera again soon. 

Speaking of taking photos. 
I bought this Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 a little while ago. I wanted to get a camera to have in my purse, and the DSLR  (Nikon D3000) is way to big to bring with me everywhere!

This camera takes great photos, and if you are looking for one which captures great pics without using a DSLR, this is the one I would recomend!!!  It has the coolest auto capture, so if you're not so happy about making all the settings yourself, you just use the intelligent auto setting (IA). It's great to do that sometimes, instead of doing all the thinking yourself ;o)

I'm so satisfied with the photos taken indoors when it's getting dark. Even with no flash, this camera captures good pics! 

I'm not an expert, but just telling you about my own experiences ;o)

Hope to get some sewing done during this week, and hope to stay a lot more here in Blogland from now on ;o)

Hugs ♥


May Britt said...

I got a panasonic tz-10 and I am so happy with mine too :) Take great photos indoors :)

Mona said...

Ser at dere er opptatt både ute og inne så noe må selvfølgelig vike. Det kommer til å bli flott til slutt. Har lyst til å renovere kjøkkenet her. Trenger mer lys når man blir eldre merker jeg. Ha en super dag enten det er med stitchery eller malerkosten.

Mette said...

Ååå så lekker den første blokka på BOMen til Lynette Andersen ble! Lykke til med oppussingen!

FloS said...

It's really a pleasure to do this BOM !!

2ne said...

Koselig stitchery :-)


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