Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some new stuff

Went to Quiltegården yesterday, and some new stuff came home with me. I didn't find the backing fabric I was looking for, so I ended up with some other fabrics instead. The shirtings will be added to my repro's, and I'm planning to use them in a quilt from the "Scrap Basket Sensations" book. Need to figure out which quilt to play with first...

I've been wanting to make the gorgeous table runner from Hatched and Patched, "My angels garden" for a while now. It's just so cute! 

I also bought the paper piece pack kit with templates for one of Sue Dayley's quilts, and will work on this between all of my other projects. Not sure if I will make a quilt as big as hers, but we'll see how many blocks I will end up with. Thought I should give the needles and glue a try to. The needles are long and thin, so I guess they'll be perfect for some needleturn applique too ;o)

I'm so happy that my sewing mojo is "back in business", and it feels great to do some creative stuff again :o)

Happy sewing,


Anne Lise said...

Ja, ja. Nå har du litt nytt og holde på med. Enig med deg at den lille runde "engleduken" er skjønn. Teppet til Sue er helt skjønt, men utrolig mye arbeid tror jeg. Lykke til med alt.

Mona said...

Engleduken er bare lekker. Har mønsteret, men har ikke sydd den. Brukt englene på diverse andre ting. Holder på med et juletreteppe med disse på. Forstørret mønsteret. Tror teppet blir ca 1,2 meter i diameter. Gleder meg til å se englene dine. Lykke til!

Marit said...

Det var bra at du ikke dro tomthendt hjem. Lykke til med sying;)

Anne Ida said...

Noen ganger trenger man litt påfyll - og det ser ut som du hadde med deg en pose skatter hjem fra Quiltegaarden :o) Kos deg med!


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