Sunday, May 29, 2011

A nice weekend

I've enjoyed some hours in my sewing room this weekend. Yesterday I digged out a care quilt (charity quilt) and got it basted, quilted and also put the binding on. Now it's only sewing the binding on to the back by hand left on this one. The top was donated by a lady in my quilt guild, and I've been having it stored away for quite some time now. 

Was about time I got to finish it! Got a couple of more donated tops to finish up, but I have to do some work on my own quilts in between. I like to work this way. Do what I like, when I feel like... You can see the other care quilts donated at the blog called Tepper til St. Olav, and a picture of the whole quilt above will be added there when it's finished. All the quilts you see in this blog are donated to our local hospital, for children with long term diseases.

Today I worked on a scrap quilt I started back in April this year. I got to finish the sashing between two of the rows, an I hope to add the third row before I turn off the lights in my sewing room tonight. 

It looks small on this photo, but it's huge! It's about 70" wide so far (left to right on the photo). I could add one more row, and it would be big enough as a quilt for a kid, but I think I will add the three more rows I've already pieced, and it will be aprox 70" x 102" (180cm x 260cm) finished. Big enough as a bed quilt :o)
We'll see, haven't made up my mind yet ;o)

Happy sewing,


Mobaat said...

Så flott quilt du holder på med. Kommer til å bli et flott sengeteppe. Helt enig i at en må gjøre det man har lyst til, ellers blir det jo ikke noe GØY!

Ha en fortsatt flott søndag:)

Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

Flott topp - enkel og veldig effektfull!

Narelle said...

Love the colours in both.
Your scrap quilt is going to be big and beautiful.

Mary Johnson said...

The string quilt looks great and your scrap quilt is lovely too.

Kim Brackett said...

Love the blues in the string quilt, and the Bliss quilt is amazing! I can tell by looking at the fabrics that the blocks are pretty big. Cute pattern!

Nicky said...

I absolutely love your scrap quilt. Is it a layer cake, and charmpacks? It's gorgeous!


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