Friday, May 27, 2011

"Butterfly dilly bag"

Yay! The "Butterfly dilly bag" is finished! 

I used a purple fabric I got from the same friend that sent me the beautiful thread. A perfect match :o) 
Since the pattern includes two different stitcheries, I placed one on each side of the bag.
I did one thing wrong tough... I didn't think twice before sewing and cutting to make the bottom corners, so the stitcheries ended up a bit further down on the sides than planned... But not too far down, phew...
This is a bit typical me when I'm not paying attention, but I've learned my lesson today!

So... this means I've got one more finish for OPAM this month, so now I've got two finished projects for May. I'm happy about that :o)

Happy sewing, 


Mona said...

Den blei fin!

Bente said...

Så flott,lekkert lilla stoff og nydeleg stitchery.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Looks fantastic Laila...

FloS said...

It looks wonderful !! I love violet too... Good job !

Darcie said...

That is lovely, Laila! It is so you. What are you going to keep in this darling bag?

That hand dyed thread just looks good enough to devour! Yum. And the're right...a perfect match!

Love and hugs to you, Lai!

Mobaat said...

Så fin den var:) Flott stitchery.

klem Mona


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