Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some new projects

Not much sewing going on, but I started a couple of new knitting projects. I've been knitting since I was a little girl, and I've always been very fascinated by the traditonal knitted Selbuvotter/Selbu mittens and gloves.
I bought a couple of books a while ago with patterns for some gorgeous mittens:

 The one called "Selbuvotten" is translated from a book called "Biography of a Knitting tradition" by Terri Shea, so the book is also written in English for those of you who are interested in knitting, and read only English.

When I'm not able to, or just don't feel like, doing any sewing projects, I ususally have a knitting project (or five) I work on. It's just as easy as stitcheries to keep in my purse :o)

Inspired by the gorgeous mittens I did see over at Mormors verden made with multicolored yarn, I just had to buy some new yarn and try this.  These two pairs are both made from the same pattern, but the one with multicolored yarn are smaller, because the yarn is a bit thinner than the ones in black and white. 

I have been knitting a lot of socks with similar patterns like these, and I'm not so good at knitting thumbs yet... You can see there is no thumbs on the two pairs, but I hope to get on with them this weekend. Been so long since I knitted mittens, so I forgot how to make the thumbs look neat ;o)  I'll just have to give it a try :o)

The day before yesterday, Hubby bought me roses. He knows my favorite color is dusty purple, and he spoted these gorgeous roses and just had to buy them. It's a bit hard to get the real color right, even if I brought them outside and didn't use the flash on my camera, but I think it's pretty close:

The roses are in the same colors as my favorite table runner I have on my dinner table.
I have no clue what the name of the roses is, but if you do I really want to know :o)

It's looking more like Spring these days, as the snow is melting fast, and the temperatures are staying around 5 to 10 degrees depending on if the sun is shining or not. I'm looking forward to the beautiful season we have ahed, and hope to get to spend more time outside again. It's been a long winter, and it's so nice to have a lot more daylight again.

I have no special plans for this weekend, and I'm just going to catch up on a few things between doing some "have to's". 

Wish you all a great weekend,


Mary Johnson said...

I'm so impressed! I need to pull out my socks for my trip next week. I tend to do most of my knitting when I'm traveling.

Satu said...

Hej Laila, I'm quite sure the rose cultivar, which you have is Ocean Song. I worked earlier at the rosegarden, where we have that kind of rose. It was a new cultivar and one of my favorites too;)

Cattinka said...

The mittens look good, and with the temperatures you are still having it is a good handwork to do. We already have about 20°C and that is way to hot for knitting, it would make my hands sweat.
Have a good week
KATRIN W . said...

Kjempefine votter! Har også lystå strikke noe lignende, men pga skuldrene må jeg ha strikkepause for tiden. Håper vi ses snart.

Darcie said...

Your mittens are works of art, my dear! Since you don't care for the thumb work, have you ever thought about doing fingerless gloves/wrist warmers? I have only tried a couple of times to crochet mittens (that 2nd one is always a downer, isn't it?!)...but I LOVE crocheting fingerless gloves! I think the Selbuvotten designs would be absolutely gorgeous in this form! Tradition with a twist. ;)

Love the roses! They (and Jo) make your heart dance all over again, don't they! ;)

Monday hugs to you, hon!


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