Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November!

I didn't get to finish any projects for October OPAM, but I really hope to get some projects done for November. One project I'm pretty certain about finishing, is the new table runner I started working on last Friday. Had a day off work, and got to do a lot of sewing between housework and laundry. It's called "Santa's on his way" and it's designed by Lynette Anderson.

I bought the pattern at Quiltegården last Thursday, when I taught a class there. The class was about using the 60 degree ruler to make a quilt with tumbling blocks. You can see my quilt here.

I hope the ladies had a nice evening, I for sure did :o) I forgot to bring my camera, but I will try to remember it for evening nr.2. I'm looking forward to see their quilts coming together :o)

My local quilt guild's monthly meeting is on this Wednesday, and I hoped to finish my table runner till then. Cannot remember the last time I brought something finished to show at our show and tell! Hope my sewing mojo will be back for good soon, got a lot of projects I wanna finish. But when life happends, it's not something you can control... I guess ;o)
I can feel the "Christmas mood" is getting here, so maybe there will be some soft presents for someone this Christmas too. I sure hope so!

I wish you all a great week,


Mobaat said...

Løperen din kommer til å bli kjempefin. Jeg har også kjøpt mønsteret, men er ikke begynt på det ennå:) Må nok gjøre ferdig et par blomsterblokker først, hehe.

Klem Mona

May Britt said...

Jeg er sikker på at du klarer å bli ferdig med den i tide.

Millie said...

You can always finish the quilt in November...happy quilting.

Cattinka said...

Your table runner already looks very interesting, and if you are busy we can see it finished soon.
Too bad you didn´t take your camera to the class, I would like to see pictures of it.

Heges quilte- og strikkeblogg said...

Jeg så løperen ferdig sydd på Quiltegården - den er kjempesøt. Gleder meg til å se den ferdig i morra (?). Kjenner at den fikk jeg også lyst til å sy, den er vel et overkommelig prosjekt å bli ferdig med, innimellom alt annet man har på gang?

Anonymous said...

Hi Laila, I finally managed a tour of your blog and loved it.


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