Monday, September 27, 2010

Some new blocks

I haven't been able to sew much the last two weeks, been knocked out by some ugly cold that's going around. But I'm finally getting much better, and happy that I'm slowly finding my sewing mojo again :o) Hope it will last for a looong time now!
During these two weeks, I've been spending some time with my laptop, 'googleing', 'facebooking' and visiting blogs. Haven't left so many comments, but really enjoyed some eye candy :o) I finally got to trace some of the stitcheries from Bronwyn Hayes' BOM
. It's just so cute! The Catalicious BOM quilt. Go check it out :o)
I had to order some DMC threads to get this started, so I made a call to Quiltegården, and they sent me the ones I needed in the mail :o)

Not much of a progress, but I'll get there :o)

I've been playing with my new fabrics this weekend, and today I finished some more blocks on the Schnibble quilt I am making. I'm working on "Short story", the large one. I just had to order the fabrics from the new Moda line, BLISS. It is gorgeous!!!

I didn't follow the pattern from the book well enough, and the blocks are not the same size as in the original quilt, my blocks turned out a little bit smaller (Because I didn't read the pattern good enough... guess my mind tricked me a bit. Well... that's what I want to think anyway...).

We've had some lovely Autumn weather the last days, and last night the temperatures got below 0!!! Winter will come soon, and then it will be Christmas. I'm not at all prepared for that! But I guess I don't have a choise... Better get to figure out some Christmas presents soon :o)

Wish you all a great and creative week,


May Britt said...

Vi satt på hytta i helga og diskuterte julegaver vi også. Og av erfaring så vet vi at tida mot jul bare flyr altfor fort.

Cattinka said...

The catalicious stitchery is very cute, it will make a nice quilt some day.
I also like your schnibbles project, it doesn´t matter if your blocks are too small, nobody will notice once the quilt is done.
And for christmas... I am never ready for christmas..

Narelle said...

Cute Brutus ... I'm working on the second block at the moment.

Darcie said...

Your Bliss looks amazing, Laila! I love simple-styled blocks with gorgeous fabrics! To me, that's the way to go these days!

Hope you're feeling like yourself again. Seems I've caught a cold now too...but it's just a simple head cold. I even went so far as to drink tea yesterday!!! lol

Love and hugs from me to you!

hyvana said...

O seu trabalho é lindo, maravilhoso. parabéns, Jesus te abençoe sempre. beijos


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