Saturday, September 11, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I was supposed to write a blog post last weekend, but time just flies...
Last weekend I managed to do a little progress on my Schnibble quilt. My sewing room floor is still occupied with this quilt layout, so I guess I'll have finish it soon...
It's really not so much work left, since all the pieces are already cut out. It's just me, struggling with some "low charged batteries".

I also got to piece together a row of flying geese last weekend. I used it in a class I teached at Quiltegården earlier this week. I made the block for this evening class a while ago, so I didn't need to prepare so much.
It was my very first class, and I was sooo excited!
I've met most of the ladies earlier, and it was so fun with such patient students!

A lovely lady from Seattle, Denice, came by to see what we where up to, and it was fun to have a 'drop-in student' :o)

This is the two half sircles that makes the flying geese sircle:

At the bottom picture, you can see what came home with me from Quiltegården that night :o) Some lovely fabrics, and a Japaneese book with lots of gorgeous patterns!

A couple of weeks back, our furball Fabian got so sick that I had to go to the Vet with him. Poor thing was loaded with fever, and didn't want to eat or drink anything. The Vet thought it was an infection caused by some cat fight he've been through, so we went home with some medicine that should make him well. The medicine didn't show its work until the fourth day, and then he finally got rid of the fever and started drinking some water on his own. Before that I had to feed him water against his will, but I had to so he wouldn't get dehydrated.
He is now gaining some weight and looking shiny and 'himself' again :o)

Like I told you in the previous post, we've got Autumn here now. I took some photos early one morning, and the mist had just left the ground with lots of spider webs loaded with water pearls. You should have seen the sight! It was so special! It almost looked like the webs where frozen!

I also took some photos while me and Hubby went for a walk later that day. The colors haven't changed too much yet, but I will definitely take my camera with me when I go for a walk again soon. It changes so fast!

I wish you all a great weekend, wehter you're sewing or enjoying your weekend outside :o)


Cattinka said...

I am very glad your cat is feeling better!
Congratulations on your class, I bet you did a good job!
And your flying geese look nice, I don´t think I have ever seen them going round in a circle before.

Mona said...

Ser ut til at du har hatt en travel uke.Quiltegaarden er en fantastisk butikk. Synd at det er så langt dit. Høsten er desverre over oss, men alle årstider har jo sin sjarm. Nå blir det vel litt mer tid til innekos og søm. Ha en strålende avslutning på helgen og en flott og inspirende uke. Mona

Kim Brackett said...

Love your Schnibbles quilt. The Pure fabric line is so cute.

I'm glad Fabian is doing better. I've had two sick kitties recently, and it just breaks my heart when they don't feel well.

Darcie said...

Sick Mama and sick kitty?! Goodness. Hope things are on the mend!

I love seeing your class pictures! It looked like a grand time was being had by all. Even Siw got to take part? Nice.

And your photography!'ll have to give me lessons when I come visit! ;-)

Love and big hugs!

annemariesquilt said...

Så flott Xrated quilten blir i blått, jeg har også sydd den og det var gøy!!
Jeg har sendt av gårde for å bli quiltet, tenkte det var best...


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