Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally some sewing!

I haven't got the time, or energy... to make any progress in my sewing room for the longest time. I just cannot figure out how the last three weeks could pass by so fast!
So much "have to"-stuff, and no "want to"-stuff... and some migraine in between :o(
I've really been missing to do something creative!

Today I got some hours I could spend in my sewing room, and I got to piece together a table runner. I did cut the pieces a long time ago, and they have been lying on the floor in my sewing room just waiting for mee to get the time.
It's another "Lappeløper", and I'm going to applique a blue flower on it, but first I have to finish the quilting. I did trace the lines, so it's ready for quilting now :o)

It feels good to finally get back to my sewing machine again, and I hope to finish this table runner in a few days.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a visit from Sølvi. We had a great time making kits we brought to our quilt guild meeting last week. Even if the sun was shining, we spend some hours indoors, spreading all the fabrics we've got for the care quilts around, and made a lot of beautiful kits. I think we made 28!

Some of them left the quilt guild meeting with some of the ladies who wanted to help us make some care quilts, and some ended up with me and Sølvi. I hope to have time to work on a few of them soon. I've already got some ready for quilting, so I think I'll start with them.
You can see the care quilts already donated at the care quilts blog "Tepper til St.Olav".
This is all of the kits we brought:

Sølvi is busy spreading them out on the table :o)

We had a great speach by Hanne Schneider at our quilt guild meeting, and I'll share some photos in a later post about that :o) Now it's time for me to jump to bed. I'm off to work tomorrow, and have to get up early.
To all of you that left a comment on my latest post, thank you! I'm sorry I haven't got the time to reply! But I will in a few days ;o)

Happy sewing,


Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Very Good.

Darlene said...

Very nice! Happy Mother's Day!

Cattinka said...

I´m glad you found some time to sew, I always like to see the things you create.

Darcie said...

How fun for you girls to be able to spend some time together...tossing fabrics about and organizing them into sweet little collections. It makes the process more interesting for you, I'm sure.

Glad you found a little *you* time. There will be more for you soon!

Hugs always!


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