Monday, March 1, 2010

A touch of spring :o) and OPAM report

I haven't been making any blog post for the longest time. Just been too busy.
This weekend we celebrated our two youngest's 13th birthday. It's funny, I've got only teenagers now! Time flies, too fast!!!

The kids had a week off school, since here in Norway every school have a week vacation every year, the last week of February. Me and Hubby took a week vacation from work, too.
We went to my in-laws place a couple of hours drive from here last Sunday, and spend some days there. It was freezing cold, since we had a period of low temperature
s again. So we did spend most of the time in-doors!
I captured this pic when we where on our way home. It's Hurtigruta, wrapped in cold steam! It looked like a ghost ship!

I brought my knitting and some stitchery I could work on while we where there. Got to finish one wool sock, and I got to try one of the multicolored threads I bought earlier at Quiltegården. It's such a beautiful thread!

On Saturday, while waiting for the family to arrive for the kid's birthdayparty, I started cutting some of the fabrics from a jellyroll I bought at Lappedilla. I did see a beautiful quilt at Lappedilla's facebookpage, and just thought it would be perfect for these fabrics! I had no pattern, so I started twisting my brain, and draw one of my own. Fun and easy, and fast to make! I worked some more on it yesterday while waiting for more family to come, and I am almost done with the blocks I managed to cut from the jellyroll. I think I'll have to order one more to make it bigger than a small baby quilt.... But we'll see. I have to finish the ones I am working on first, to see how big it can be with the fabrics I have. Have a lot of the ligth ones left, and I'm thinking about making a border... We'll see :o)

Today it's snowing a little bit, but yesterday was such a beautiful day! A really spring day! The snow melted fast in the sun, and it was warm enough to sit outside on the veranda and drink coffee :o) Springtime:o) I hope the weather stays this way a long time now :o)
It feels so good with some sun now, after a long cold winter.

I have no more finishes for OPAM this month, but I made one, and I am happy about that :o)
I hope to finish some more for March, and I have some focus projects in mind already! But more about that in a later post.
Now it's time for dinner, and maybe some sewing later :o)

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Sølvis blog said...

e det 2australia-garn" fra Siw du stitche med? Det ser i hvert fall flott ut.


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