Monday, March 8, 2010

My first finish for March

Had to stay home from work today, since DS2 where sick and had to stay home from school. While he was sleeping a bit longer today, I continued working on the table runner I started this weekend. Just some inches with binding that neede to be done, so I finished that in no time :o)
I love these colors, so I am pretty satisfied with the result. The design is from the Norwegian designer AnnAKa, and got released just a couple of weeks ago. I just love the pattern, and I am planning to make a couple of more variations of this one!

I had to make it a bit shorter than the pattern says, or else it would only fit my dinner table.
I've seen several variations of this table runner, and some of them you can see here:
Sigrun's blog, Anne-Grethe's blog, Marita's blog and Lappestua's blog.
I know many of the Norwegian quilters like the patterns from AnnAKa, and I guess many more of these will turn up around here in Blogland. I think it's great to see the choises of fabrics others make, lots of inspiration :o)

I was going to do som baking after work today, since I'm expecting some ladies over tomorrow evening, but since I had to stay home I did the baking earlier today.
I've never been doing much baking other than for the birthdays and for Christmas.
I do like to bake, but I guess it's because I'm not a "cake-monster" myself, I don't have the urge to make cakes and other stuff. I'm more fan of desserts than cakes.
But the kids LOVES cinnamon buns, and that's what's made today. Not bad for lunch, a couple of cinnamon buns? The kids where digging in, and of corse, I had to have one with my coffeè too, and it was yummy:o)

I'll get the cinnamon buns in the freezer as soon as they are chilled, and then I can warm them up in the oven tomorrow for the ladies. They taste like newly baked then :o)

I'm off to cut some fabrics for a new table runner, and I'll get some more blocks for the quilt I am working on.


Hanne-Kristine said...

Løperen falt absolutt i smak... (tok du`ann?) ha ha ha

klem hk :oD

Stina Blomgren said...

Åhhh.. den är jättefin... är det denna löpare som du menar???? Supersnygg..:o)

Trollmor :) said...

NYYYYDELIG løper, Laila ! Du lager så mye fint ! Alltid moro å titte innom hos deg :)

Cattinka said...

Not only Norwegian quilters like AnnaKa, I do too. Your tablerunner is very pretty, I like the colours you chose.

sjoko said...

Ordentlig fin løper - lekker i blått :o)

Anne said...

Lekker løper! Og det ser deilig ut det du har i kopp og på fat også ;)


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