Sunday, November 15, 2009

Progress this month

This weekend I got to continue working on some of my (many...) projects, and I have a finish too :o)
It's just a pair of potholders, but still... a finish:o)
I've prepped two other pairs too, and they only have to get binded.

I also finished the top for an advent table runner, just like the one I made last year. I have blocks ready for an other too, and I will continue work on the both of them before I start something else.

I have to admit I feel the Christmas is coming too fast, as always, so I'll better get some stuff done soon. Our local guild is having a Christmas sale in two weeks, and I have't got so many projects for it yet. And I think I'll have to buy some more prestents this year as usual, because I haven't been able to make so many this year. But the Christmas will come either way:o)

I got to continue on the embroidered roses too, and I think it turns out nice :o)

These emboideries are so fun to do, and I bought a book (Japaneese) with all these stitches, and a lot of others, after the class on Thursday. Bet I'll make some special gifts with these in the future;o)

Thanks for your nice comments and opinions on the last post I made :o)
Look forward to continue working on the pinwheel quilt when the time is right.

Wish you all a great week, and I hope it will be a creative one for all of us :o)
(I'm hoping I'll get my pc this week, 'cause I'm borrowing my DS's still...That explains why I'm not replying to your comments so fast...)


Anonymous said...

I like your tablerunner, do you post a photo of the whole tablerunner when you finished it?

Darcie said...

Your embroidery is GOR-GEOUS, Laila!!! ;-)

Happy Friday hugs to you!


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