Friday, November 6, 2009

OPAM report

Haven't been sewing much for a looong time. Been busy with other stuff :o(
But one of my goals for OPAM this month, is to finish a table runner I started on, a Christmas table runner. From AnnaKa of course:o)

Not a good photo, but you can see from the pattern picture which one I'm making. The one with the angels, and it says "Merry Christmas" in Norwegian. I really love angels, and I love everything with angels on.

The next project I hope to finish, is the backpack from Gail Pan's pattern. I finished the stitchery while I was in Oslo. Ain't it too cute?

I love this stitchery, and I've bought some purple fabrics I know will look soooo great for this project :o)

I'm still without my lap top, and still borrowing my DS's pc. I may deliver the piece of trunk back to the dealer, so i hope to get a new one. I hate it when it dies out time after time after time....
This time I told them I refuse to have it back, so they sent me a message to return the whole thing, so... maybe, I'll get a new one. FINALLY!!!!

The trip to Oslo was both great, and stressful and kind of not so great.
The greatest thing, was that me and mom got to meet Hanne Schneider and her fellow quilters at their quilt guild meeting the day we arrived. So many nice quilts to see, and so fun to meet other ladies I know well from Blogland :o) Several of them are belonging to Hanne's quilt guild:o)
We where in Oslo because I had several medical appointments there, at different places. So we had to rush from one place to another, so it was kind of stressful... But thanks to Hanne, we got a lot less stressful time! She made it so easy for us! And she also took us to Trådsnella, a little shop in her "neighbourhood", so we got to shop some, and we also got to see her lovely basket quilt. My mom just fell in love with it! And I can understand why, because it's so beautiful! Thank you again Hanne, for making our trip so nice for us :o)
When we where going back, our plane was suddenly an hour late, and when we finally got to get on board, we where told that there where maybe too much fog to land, so I almost cried of happiness when we got to land. We where so worn out, so we just wanted to get home, and jump into our own beds. MMMMMMMMmmmm. That felt soooo goood!!!!
I didn't at all love the flights, but it was ok, so I guess I'll be taking one again, but not right now! :o)
We got home safe, and that's what matters to me :o)

Look forward to get my pc back, and to leave comments on your blogs again. I'll be back soon ;o)

Wish you all a great weekend :o)


Chookyblue...... said...

pleased you had a lovely time with Hanne.......hope you are all well with your medical appointments........makes it difficult when you have to go to bigger cities/towns to have medical appointments.......very pleased you got home safe and sound........

Simone de Klerk said...

Such a lovely and cute tablerunner! Can't wait to see it finished.
And the stitchery you are going to make is so sweet (O:
I am glad your trip to Oslo went well and that you could find some fun time inbetween!
Have a lovely weekend and enjoy tonight's sleep in your own bed again (O:

Anonymous said...

The tablerunners from Annaka are always very nice, I have finished one almost. Very nice stitchery. And you met Hanne she is so very creactive.


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