Saturday, July 4, 2009

No blog posts for a while...

but I'm still here :o)
I have been reading some of your blogs, and I can see many of you have lots of fun sewing and doing other things :o)
I haven't been sewing at all for many days, but I've been spending a lot of time in my sewing room. Reorganizing all of my fabrics. Hubby bought me a lot of bins at Ikea to store my fabrics, and while I was at it, I started counting as well. I figured out I've got about xxx meters of fabrics... LOL!!! I guess I'll really have to start sewing some after I'm finished with reorganizing...
The bins are for DVD's, and is perfect to fold fabrics and store it :o)

I got to separate all the colors, and when Hubby is finished making me the shelters for the bins, I know it will be so much easier to see what I've got. Earlier I stored my fabrics in huge bins, and they filled so much space of the floor in my sewing room, but now he is making shelters covering a wall in my sewing room, and he will also make doors for it. It will look like a closet when he's done, and then it will look some more tidy too...
Hopefully he will be finished the next week, and then it will be much more sewing for me :o)

Happy sewing,


Darcie said...

Ah. Perfect storage bins for fabric! Good idea. I cannot wait to see the final project! What fun for the two of you to be working on this together. ;-)


Elin said...

Trudde nesten det var bilete frå stoffbutikken din...her ser det ut til å vere ein del, ja! Så kjekt å få det organisert, ikkje sant?

Anne said...

Super ide, tipper syrommet blir flott når du er ferdig organisert! God sommer og etterhvert sying :)


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