Friday, November 7, 2008

Sewing in circles

Went shopping at Quiltegården Wednesday, and could not let these darling fabrics stay there. Had to take them home, and I'll already started taking good care of them;-)

I started cutting some of them, and I've got some circles done, and some more are on their way.
I made earlier this year a table runner called "Festfin frøken", and it is another one I'm going to do. I just did fall in love with these gorgeous fabrics, I really did find my purple!! I love the dusty colors, and look so forward to see if it turns out like I think. More pictures to come later.


Elin said...

Can't wait to see the result....!

May Britt said...

Georgious fabrics. Understand that you had to buy them :)
I love circles to and have planned to make them soon...........I hope.


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