Sunday, December 13, 2015

I love snowmen

When I was in hospital a while back, I was using Instagram and Facebook a lot to see what people I follow was working on. Lots of inspiration, and of course I found some gorgeous stuff I planned to sew and knit when I got better.
I found a super gorgeous block made by Meredit F (Fergusonstreetquilts on IG) wich was made from a turorial Lori Holt had on her Instagram a year ago.
Today I finally got to spend time in my sewing room, and it was so great to finally get to sew the first block. It's a snowman block using scraps, and I love how it turned out!

I will stitch the eyes, nose and hands with DMC thread. 
Plan to be making a few more blocks to make a larger quilt or table runner.

I've felt a bit better today than the past week, and hope the progress will continue to be like this, so I can be back to my normal routines and get some energy back. It's really no fun spending most of the day on the couch not being able to do much. Still having the fever come and go, and hot flashes all day long. Will go to have blood tests tomorrow, and in a week or so I will have the results of the liver biopsy. This certainly came unexpected and really scared me for a while, but thanks to good doctors they finally figured it out.

This evening I went for a little walk with Hubby, and it felt so good to be out in the cold air even if I couldn't walk longer than half an hour. Hope to be able to have our walks in the evenings during winter, and it will probably do us both good :-) I hope the snow will stay a while, and  not rain away. I really wish we'll have snow during the Christmas Holidays.

Wish you all a great new week, with lots of creative stuff going on this time of the year!


Leeanne said...

Cute snowman............I have a fetish for snowmen too!

Wilma Kuin said...

I love Snowman!
Greetings from Holland,...


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