Thursday, July 16, 2015

Still progress in my sewing room

It's been nice to spend some time in my sewing room the last week. 
I have been cutting a lot of fabrics and have enjoyed working with the repro's. 
I have a few more pieces for the new table runner I am working on, and I will need three large blocs to make it. One block is finished, and number two is in progress. Hope to finish it today. 

These are some of my precut pieces, and they are all so cute😊

Yesterday I had a lot of Happy mail. I got my fatquarter bundle of Lori Holt's new line, and also a nice parcel from Australia arrived!
I ordered some stuff from Helen Stubbings, and I have been excited to start this cute project:
New stitchery needles and the threads to make this also arrived with the pattern, so of corse I had to start one right away! Super fast when I didn't need to trace the pattern on to the fabric, since it comes with iron on transfers 😊

I have to admit I needen some "me time"these days, without explaining too much about that... Life happends, and sometimes everyone needs a little "time-out" to get the batteries charged.
We are having our Summer Holidays back here, and while Hubby is working on the house with stuff I can't help with and the kids are doing their stuff, I am sewing as much as I can when the weather is rainy and cold. 
We've been working a little in the garden too, but no fun when it rains...

I'm off to clean up a bit in my sewing room before dinner, so I can continue where I left 

Happy sewing!

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Elin said...

Det er sÄ kjekt og inspirerande Ä lese bloggen din igjen! HÄpar du har det bra!


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