Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Almost there!

I haven't been sewing or quilting much for a while, since I've had a cold bug over for a visit that have taken all the energy and urge I need to do some quilty stuff. But have been doing some more needle turn appliquè on Helen's quilt. I'm loving how this gorgeous quilt is looking, and I look so forward to load it on the frame and get it quilted! Only the corner flowers left to finish :o)

I don't know what it is with cats and quilts, but as soon as I start sewing my lap gets occupied with a black furball... Nano loves to help out :o) Couldn't resist taking a few photos before I had to take her off the quilt. Not much progress is made when she wants to cuddle all the time ;o)

I have quilted a few client quilts, and will share photos in my next post. Tomorrow I'll be at our local quilt guild meeting, and will take a lot of photos to share on the quilt guild's blog. Will add a link when the photos are shared over there :o) I bet a lot of inspiration will go home with me :o)

 See you soon!


Anita said...

Quilten din blir nydelig, Laila!
Vi sees i morgen, jeg tar med noe du kan ta bilde av.

Solveig Bloch said...

Rett og slett kjempelekker!!

May Britt said...

Du verden så fin denne quilten blir. Hvem er det sitt mønster? Og du har fått to gode quiltevenner. Herlige bilder du poster av kattene dine :) :)

Satu said...

I think, if cats could have some hobbies, they would be quilters;o) Your new quilt is gorgeous! I love the pattern! Is it Hug's n Kisses pattern?

Inger said...

Utrolig flott quilt du har her. Likte fargene og utformingen veldig godt. Lurer på hvem designeren er?


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