Saturday, June 1, 2013

I've missed Blogland!

I've really missed Blogland! Haven't written a blog post for such a long time!

I'm so happy Spring finally came, and with the nice weather the last days it looks like  Summer is coming now :-)

Captured this photo in my brother's back yard a week ago. Looks like there will be lots of  blueberries this year :-)

I've been doing some sewing and quilting since my last blog post. This is a new Belle Wave quilt using Moda fabrics. Scraps from my scrap bin. Quilted a freemotion pattern on it, and since I used wool batting it really shows up. My friend Kathy did show me how to do this gorgeous pattern :-)

I have been quilting some client quilts too. This one is Astrid's beautiful batic quilt with gorgeous colors. She chose the panto pattern that looks like fire flowers. Perfect for this quilt.

The next quilt is a top I quilted for our charity group. I didn't know Astrid made this, so when I did ask her to add the binding, she told me she had made this and would love to finish it :-) Freemotion pattern on this one.

This is a Buggy Barn quilt also made by Astrid. She wanted me to quilt what I felt was right for this quilt, and I figured this would look great custom quilted. I'm so glad she liked it!
 This is the back of the quilt. Love to see the texture on the back of quilts!

This is a lovely quilt made by Sølvi, and I quilted this using freemotion quilting. I know this quilt has a special story, and I'm so glad she liked it.

I got to finish another quilt today, but have to wait till tomorrow to take some photos. It's a large quilt, so I need help from Hubby to hold it up for a photo shoot :-)

Happy sewing,


Kathy Schwartz said...

Welcome back to blog land! You've been very busy and have now mastered the 3's and E's design.

Anne-Mettes Oaser said...

Du var savnet. Men til tider er lysten og tiden der bare ikke og så skal man give sig selv lov til at holde fri fra bloggen.
Hvor er dine quiltninger flotte. Wauh :-).
God søndag.

LeKaQuilt said...

Koselig å se deg igjen - du har vært savnet. Ser jo her hva du har holdt på med, her var det mye flotte tepper med vakker quilting :o)

Tatkis said...

I love your Belle Wave quilt, and your quilting on other quilts are fantastic!


Pia said...

Så mye flott du har laget :-) Likte det husteppet veeeldig godt. Nydelig bakside også :-)


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