Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Having fun!

I've been having this gorgeous quilt on my frame for a while. Since I've been having a cold the last two weeks, it did slow me down. But now I'm having a lot of fun quilting!
This quilt is made by a lady in my local quilt guild, and every single block is made by hand!!! She usually hand quilt her quilts, but asked me if I could quilt it on my longarm. I'm happy she likes it so far, and have to admit I like it too. Since I'm a newbie still, it takes lots of time, but I hope to start quilting the borders soon. 
It's wool batting, and it gives the quilt a beautiful texture when it's quilted, and I think this pattern will make it soft and not too flat. 

You can do a few things using some homemade paper templates and use a ruler with different curves. I've been looking for some circles to use for patterns like the one in the large triangles, but I was happy to find out the one I have was ok. I use a purple air soluble marking pen, marking only the ends of each "petal".   

I've been having my Wednesday off work, and got some quilting done between housework and other "have to's". Hubby is working out of town again, so I'm able to enjoy some time in my sewing room. 
Yesterday I got to get border fabrics and backing for a quilt I'm hoping to finish up and load on the longarm frame soon. Can't wait to show you :-)

I'm trying to catch up on the blogs I usually read, and I do leave comments when I do have the time to. I guess there will be more blog posts, and time to read blogs now that the Summer is over and I spend more time indoors. 

I'm off to do a few more stitches before I head to bed, see ya!

Happy sewing,


Unknown said...

Flott teppe du har fått lov til å quilte. Må være moro å ha en slik til å gjøre jobben. Ha en kreativ uke

Kathy Schwartz said...

What a beautiful quilt and I love your 'pumpkin seed' quilting in the background (that's what I call that design). Thanks for sharing your tip about the paper template and marking just the ends of the seeds.

Bodil said...

Det blir kjempefint, Laila. Ser ikke noe nybegynneraktig over denne quiltinga!

Linda said...

Love the quilting!!! Looks beautiful!!!


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