Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still here...

I'm still here, just haven't had the energy to make any blog posts in a while.

A while ago, about three weeks, Merete came to visit me to see how "Miss Monster" is working. She is such a talented longarm quilter, and I'm so thankful for the things she teaches me. She always gives me an advice whenever I need one, and I just can't wait to try the different things I've learned. Time haven't been on my side lately, but I'll get there :o)

After spending some hours at my place, we headed downtown to Quiltegården for a cup of coffee and a chat with the other ladies that where there this evening. Merete had several quilts she had quilted, and you should have seen the gorgeous quilts that all where ready for binding! I didn't take any photos of them, since I guessed the owners would love to show them on their own blogs ;o)

We had a great time knitting, sewing, chatting and drinking coffee. And of course! We had the pleasure of eating the best chocolate cake I've EVER tasted!!! I will for sure ask for the recipe when I meet the lady that baked the yummy stuff!!!
I also met two ladies I haven't seen in a while, and that was so nice to see them again!

We've had some gorgeous experiences when it comes to  sunsets this month. Several days in a row we've been able to look at some really great ones. It's hard to capture with a ordinary camera, but you get the idea, right?

I've been making some progress on my "Mill Girls" quilt, but haven't taken any photos. Will do when I have finished the rows. I have finished all the blocks, 20 that is, and look forward to finish this quilt. I really love how it looks already.

A fever knocked me out late last night and have been keeping me company today, so I wasn't able to go to work, and not much going on in my sewing room either. Hopefully it's better tomorrow, so I'll be able to get back to work, and some sewing in the evening. 
I'm hoping to get started on a couple of Christmas gifts soon, and I'm trying to figure out what to make. I'm a little late, but I know I will at least get some finished by Christmas as long as I can decide what to make. 


Cattinka said...

Oh, a fever is the last thing you need so short before christmas time. Get well soon.
I wish you lived closer to me, then I would drop by with my ready to quilt quilttops.
Have a good week

Elin said...

Det må vere fantastisk å få lov å longarmquilte sjølv! Du imponerer meg med ditt pågangsmot.

FloS said...

I hope you are better now !! It was nice to have some news of you !


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