Sunday, September 4, 2011

Some knitting for tiny babies

There has been not much sewing going on here for a while, since the migraines decided to stay for several days this time. But since I'm feeling better, I hope to enjoy some hours in my sewing room the next days. I've been knitting a little bit though. I'm just not made for sitting with my hands in my lap, even if the headaches are bothering me.
So many of my quilter friends are attending something called Amandaprosjektet. It's a project everyone in Norway can attend by knitting tiny mittens, socks, hats and blankets for premature infants. Since I am a knitter too, I wanted to attend this project. I've finished a little hat, a pair of mittens and I'm working on a baby blanket.

My twins where born three weeks before they where supposed to be born, but since they both where around 3 kilos, they didn't need much special care like many too early born babies. I remember how small they where, and that most of the clothes I had bought for them where too big for a long time. It's a nice thing to be able to make a little difference for those who aren't so lucky like us. 
My mom are knitting for the project too, and I'm looking forward to deliver the things we're making in a little while.
 I've got some of my friends to start too, so there will be some more knitting during the Autumn and winter that comes along soon :o)

I'm lucky to have a handyman in "da house" :o) I've seen a lot of shelfs I like here and there on the internet. Yesterday Hubby started making me one. He finished it today, and came home with this:

He started to paint it this evening, and it's looking so great! Just a couple of strokes more of white paint, and he can add the mirror on the back and get it up on the wall.

There will be added some pegs on the bottom of it when it's finished. I'm thrilled! It looks just like I wanted it to be! Woowhoo! Just trying to figure out what's going to be his next project ;o) 

See you soon, 


MyCretanlife said...

It is lovely when you have a handy man about the place. My husband has made loads of thingd for this house.

Magia da Inês said...

✿ܓܓ ♫
✿✿·. Amiga,
Passei para uma visitinha!
Seu blog é muito bonito.


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