Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Had a great weekend :o)

Last weekend, I attented Anne-Pia Godske Rasmussen's class at Quiltegården.
Anne-Pia is a well known designer, and her last book "Flowerpower Patchwork" is a really great book, with lots of gorgeous patterns and projects. She told us how to do every project from the book, and she showed the projects step-by-step, so it was so easy to see what she talked about. Thank you, Anne-Pia, for a lovely and inspiring weekend!

I wanted to make the knitting bag from the book, and I bought some gorgeous fabrics to play with :o)

Anne-Pia's bag is on the left side of the photo, and mine on the right side. I didn't finish mine at the class, but finished it the day after.
My knitting bag is already stuffed with knitting pins and patterns that I've got stored in plastic bags till now. Think I'll make another one too, so I can have one to take with me too. I like to work on some easy projects when I'm taking knitting or sewing with me when I am on a visit or meeting, and the ones with more complicated patterns stay's home :o)

I took some photos on the first day of the class, but forgot to take some of the Anne-Pia's projects, and photos from the second day :o(
This is some of the ones I did take :

You can visit these blogs to see more photos from the class:

 Thanks so much to Anne Mari and Liv Guri, who took care of our lunch, coffee and tea this weekend. They made us some yummy waffles, and Anne Mari made homemade bread for us too :o) We're pretty spoiled when we attend the weekend classes at Quiltegården ;o)

Earlier this month, I got the "Winter Blooms" back from Merete, who did the most gorgeous quilting on it. Finished the binding on it, and it's now on display at Quiltegården :o) Some close up's:

Happy sewing Laila


Stina Blomgren said... promised me to take lots of photos!!!!!;0)
But oh so happy for the ones you have showed... Love the knitting bag... Looks perfect... Have so many projects already bookmarked from this book... Guess it will last a couple of years! :0)

Cattinka said...

I am glad you had such a nice time! Your knitting bag looks very nice, as well as the winter blooms, you are right the quilting on it is gorgeous.


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