Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cutting some strips

I've been cutting a lot of strips from some of my Japanese fabrics today. I am making some blocks by hand like the ones I learned at the class with Yoko Saito. They are for a project from the book by Yoko Saito, the one I bought at Quiltegården the other day. The project in the book are not made with the same blocks, but I thought I should add a 'personal touch' on it ;o) I'll show a picture later, when I get some progress done.
The strips are made for both regular quilting fabric, and the ones with structure. I really love these taupe ones!
You can see how the blocks looks like, lying next to the strips ;o)

The project is a little toiletry purse, and it's just sooo cute! Look forward to finish the two pieces I need to make for the two sides of it!

A little eye-candy:
This is a flower from my mom's garden. One of the most beautiful flowers I know!
It's called 'Blå valmuesøster' in Norwegian, and it's english name is 'Himalayan blue Poppy'.

Wish you all a great Sunday evening,


Cattinka said...

I have never seen a flower as blue as the one you are showing, it is beautiful! Your stripes are interesting, can´t wait to see more!
And you are really sewing this project by hand?

LeKaQuilt said...

Det blir ett flott prosjekt! Gleder meg til å se toalettmappen ferdig, i denne teknikken :o)

Og for en vakker blomst - heeeelt etter min smak. Slik skulle jeg gjerne hatt i min hage også redd den havner i min drømme hakke tid til å jobbe for mye i hagen...

LindaQuilt said...

For noen fine japanske stoffer! Jeg har også kjøpt en masse av de stoffene, både vevde og trykte. Har en plan.
Men nå gleder jeg meg til å se mer av ditt arbeid!
Ha en fin, ny uke!

Satu said...

That poppy is one of my favorites flower too - in finnish sinivaleunikko;) And your blocks are looking interesting... Stripes seems to be very narrow!

Darcie said...

Those blocks are sweet, Laila! enjoy!



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