Saturday, October 3, 2009

Progress on my "Laila's Garden"

I didn't get to ship my lap top to the technicians today, so I'm able to show you my progress on "Laila's garden" :o)
I finished all the twelve blocks during this week, and it's my first try with this sewing method. Like it a lot, so I will definitely use the needle turn appliqué method more from now on :o)
I really look forward to continue piecing this together, and hope to get to do it during this weekend if my left shoulder will cooperate with me. Silly me... When I was leaving the class at Sunday, I did carry my huge sewing machine bag with one hand, instead of pulling it (I've got one with wheels...) That resulted in some days with no sewing on the machine, and just some stitches by hand. Well, it's getting better, so I keep my fingers crossed for some seriously sewing tomorrow :o)

We had a TV crew around us all Saturday at the class last weekend, and this is the link to the result:

Happy sewing,


martameiga said...

Wow!! Laila, that must habe been soooo much fun! Meeting Leanne Beasley!! I love her work... I am actually with her "Butterfly Garden" though I am having a bad time now with no time to stitch... Wow, lucky you!
I also see you have mastered the needleturn appliqué method :))) I love your "garden", they look perfect! Looking forward to seeing the final result

merete said...

Hurra! Så flott kurset så ut, - og så artig. Teppet ditt er nydelig :-)

Stina Blomgren said...

Ahhhh... färdig redan!!!!! Ohh.. måste packa upp mina block och sy!!!!! ;o)))
Tack för en helt underbar helg.. har varit så skoj att träffa dig ... synd bara att tiden går så fort...

Darcie said...

Aaahhh!!! You're a television star now!!! Oh, how I wish I could have seen and heard more. (Was that a split-second glimpse of you with your hair up?) What lovely coverage for Siw and her store! Good for her. I don't know what it's like in Norway...but the general public needs to be educated about this whole quilting industry...every chance we can.



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