Monday, March 30, 2009

Back in Blogland again :O)

I'm finally back in Blogland again, after a loooooong break because of computer trouble. I've lost almost all of my pictures, but I'm glad I have some of it on a backup cd. But all my e-mails are gone, so I'm not able to answer back to you that left me a message before 14th of March:O( Please send me a new mail, and I'll respond to you.

I have'nt been sewing much the last 14 days. I've had a lot of migraine again, and my neck is not cooperating at all. But that's how it is with me, so I j
ust wait for better days:O) They will come, I know:O)

I managed to finish one project this month, not much, but still... a finish. I finished the baby quilt I started with a while ago. I'm satisfied with the result, so I guess I'll be making more of these:O)
I'm thinking about making a baby quilt for a boy next time, since I have a lot of lovely blue fabrics that fits for a project like that.
I have so many projects going on, but it works best for me to do it this way, and I know they will be finished sometime, it just takes some time:O)
I look forward to the Easter Holidays, I've planned to do a lot of sewing then:O)


Elin said...

Welcome back, have missed you! And this quilt is adorable!!

Julie said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. Thats very bad news about all your photos too. Your quilt is lovely.

Julia said...

I hope your feeling much better now...
It's a shame you lost a lot of photos...I keep backing up my computer every couple of weeks onto an external hard drive..
Love the pinwheel quilt..
Take care Julia ♥

Mona said...

Dette var nydelig. Synd med alt du har mistet av bilder. Håper du får rekonstruert noe av det. Ha en flott syuke.

LeKaQuilt said...

Koseligt å se at du er tilbake! Leit med bildene dine på pc'n. Ønsker deg en riktig god bedring og en fin påske.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad that you are back. Sorry to hear that you lost almost all your pitcures. Your quilt is so sweet.

Anne said...

Nydelig babyquilt! Velkommen tilbake! Synd at du fikk alt datatrøbbelet med tap av filer og alt - det er ikke mye morsomt. Bra at du er i gang igjen, bedre dager kommer sikkert! God påske!


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